The Winds of Change

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr Gail Cloud

The winds of change are calling into my ear

As I choose to listen even with my fear

What comes next

And what do I hold dear?

Is there a particular calling?

One that I can hold close to my heart?

Or is it time to nestle in, to listen to all my parts?

Sitting all day doing word puzzles and reading

Is there something particular that it would be good for me to be feeding?

LIfe is short and I want to make use of it

Is it fair to me and my ancestors near and far to use my time to just learn and think?

Life could be over in a blink

Who needs me and who wants my help?

This way of thinking and feeling is a legacy from my parents

Am I enough, and is it enough to just be and be kind?

If I couldn’t help them and I remember how that old bind feels

deep into my every cell 

Should I spend my life lost in that old family spell?

Or maybe I could do something different and just concentrate on helping myself

The learning never ends and that is nothing I have to defend

To bring a little joy and kindness to me and to others

This would be a legacy that doesn’t shoulder the old family burden 

Nor assume that others are dependent upon me which in itself smothers us

And covers us in dark old slime

To heal, to learn, to share, to be joyful and kind 

The old family trauma asks, Is that enough

Listen to those winds

Sometimes a poem says it better than anything else!

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