EBOO – Ozone Dialysis Therapy

Dr Simon Yu

For Veterans, Firefighters, Farmers and Others Exposed to Toxins

By Simon Yu MD

Let me introduce you to a new extraordinary therapy called ozone dialysis therapy, short for extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO). Another name for EBOO is Recirculatory Hemoperfusion (RHP) therapy. I have been searching for medical facilities that can do dialysis to remove environmental toxins like pesticides or organic compounds for some of my patients without much success. One patient was diagnosed with ALS and he had exposure to massive amounts of petrochemicals and organophosphate compounds.

This patient had no idea how he got exposed – he was an architect – and he had never used any of those chemicals. I thought if I could remove or reduce his environmental toxin burden, he might have a chance to beat ALS. I had no luck finding an academic institution which could neutralize, via blood dialysis, chemical toxins, despite his tests showing exposures to diethylphosphate (DEP), organophosphates, xylene, and MTBE/ETBE petrochemical compounds, among others. He deteriorated rapidly and died. Soldiers, farmers, and firefighters are high risk for toxic exposures, but an architect? How about you? Do you play soccer or golf, garden, or rehab old houses, basements or barns? Environmental toxins are everywhere, and they will travel and provoke your misery…

I have been using EBOO for a few months now on selected patients. One case is a 75-year-old physician from California with a multitude of problems including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, gout, parasites with GI problems, heavy metal mercury toxicity, mild kidney failure, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, environmental toxin exposure with 2,4 Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid (2,4-D), a part of Agent Orange, and hidden chronic ongoing dental infections. This is an excerpt of his unsolicited testimony after one EBOO treatment: “I felt much better after the EBOO treatment… I anticipate this is going to be a very popular and helpful addition to your practice.”

Ozone dialysis therapy or EBOO, relatively unknown, may be a game changer for many chronically ill patients who have environmental toxin exposures, and are not responding to traditional or alternative, integrative medicine. Farmers, firefighters, soldiers, and unsuspecting members of general population may benefit given their exposures. Academic institutions and military/VA medicine need to explore this exciting technology that is available and already used overseas in Europe and Asia. EBOO does not use any new technology or medications and hopefully it will not be sabotaged by Big Pharma or entangled with FDA regulations.

You can read this article in full on my website, “EBOO – Ozone Dialysis Therapy.”

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