2023 Native Plant of The Year

By Ann Lapides

Bring refreshing bright color to your sunny areas with the outstanding native Missouri perennial, Rose Verbena, Verbena canadensis. This delight gives us clusters of rose-pink blossoms from late spring through late summer and well into fall. Its sprawling, low-growing habit makes it an ideal ground cover. It resembles its annual cousin, but this beauty queen is hardy!

Rose Verbena makes a top choice for the garden, containers, naturalized, and for spilling over rocks, borders, and walls. Once established carefree, Rose Verbena easily grows in average, well-drained soil in full sun. Although the original plant may not be long-lived, it will self-seed and spread by its self-rooting stems to form a fast-spreading ground cover. This plant can take all the abuse Mother Nature throws at it: drought, heat, high humidity, and rocky, dry soil. Also known as Glandularia canadensis.

Named the 2023 Native of the Year for its many outstanding qualities.

Plant in full sun in well-draining soil. Keep the plant well-watered when first planted, until the plant gets established, when the plant is setting up buds and blooming, and during dry spells. Although it will continue to bloom from spring till frost without consistent water, most flowers will be produced with adequate moisture.

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