Balance Your Energy for a Better Life

By Fair Lady Crimson

Hi Everyone! I would like to share a bit about myself:

In approximately 18 months, I experienced many of the top 10 “stressors” repetitively. Even though I had always been a very positive person and helped others, MY world fell apart!

During this period, I experienced: both parents passing, a few close friends passing, my loss of job, husbands’ loss of job, cleaning out 20+ years of hoarding in my parents’ home, renovating various damage in the home,

domestic violence, husband cheating, car blowing up, packing & moving, weeding out friends, depression, etc. The list is relatively long.

Most of my friends did not know how to help me. The few who did help did not have much free time to do so but I was appreciative of any time they were able to help. It was difficult, as I was always their “sunshine” so most were confused as to how to help me through. Many were going through their own dilemmas and didn’t have any energy or time left to help. Some had been so miserable in their own lives and relationships, that they didn’t have positive solutions about mine.

I created a YouTube channel in hopes of helping others using my various experiences (FairLadyCrimson)

My Background:

I have always been a creative person since I was able to walk.

It brings joy and motivation to myself and others.

I also have worked several years in pharmaceuticals. I came to realize that many diseases and ailments can be caught earlier, treated holistically and non-invasively. Often there are pharmaceutical side effects and reactions that the world of pharma cannot resolve.

This is where energy work can play a role!

We are all made of energy! “Energy” work encompasses all the senses/chakras/auras. For instance: Sound Frequency, Mental Thoughts/Feelings, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste & Nutrition.

Through many years, I became educated and then practiced many various techniques in the world of energetic healing. Also, my great grandfather was a Cherokee Shaman. Years ago, even I didn’t really believe energy work could help – but I have personally seen many instances that proves it can! I then wanted to share this with others in hopes of helping them too.

Often clients have reported: Improved mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. They feel happier, healthier, more productive, focused and vibrant!

I look forward to being a conduit to help you!
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