Founder’s Forum: Time To Give Back To Mother Earth

JB Lester

By J.B.Lester

As Earth Day approaches April 22, I am taking the time to reflect on what Mother Earth means to me. In my lifetime I have enjoyed much of what our planet has to offer, whether it be a hike in the woods or lying in the grass as a child and looking up at the clouds. In my 71 years, I have asked Mother Earth to give much to me and she has obliged with a sunny day and blue skies. I have enjoyed her sights, sounds and smells. Face down on the ground and the earthy scent of soil and grass are etched in my memory.

Our family has experienced some beautiful thunderstorms and have been in awe of our planet’s raw power. I remember so fondly blowing dandelion seeds and marveled at their flight as the afternoon breeze took them to destinations far and wide. As a gardener, we have asked the earth to give us vegetables, fruits and flowers. We have encouraged the pollinators to visit our homestead and we have discouraged the use of pesticides and herbicides. We understand that the Earth needs to live a sustainable life for all of us to continue to enjoy nature’s beauty and bounty.

Just as we have asked Mother Earth to provide us with so much, it is time for us to give back to our planet and live a more greener and sustainable life. Lifestyle choices include such easy steps as recycling, reusing and reducing. We also urge repurposing, taking old items and finding new uses for them without putting them into the waste stream or having to buy all new things. We urge all our fellow citizens to learn more about energy efficiency, solar and wind energy and to drive vehicles that get good gas mileage. We ask that Mother Earth stopped being stripped of her natural resources and fossil fuels. Many of these outdated energy sources have polluted our air, land and water and have created climate change. Every year for decades our planet has gotten warmer due to carbon emissions and our storms have gotten stronger and our forest fires more frequent and intense. Lives are being lost.

Mother Earth has given us so much in our lifetimes and we have taken her for granted. Now it is time for repayment. Get involved in local environmental issues, educate yourself about what you and your community can do to make a difference. We need our planet to remain our bedrock, but she needs our help. This is an investment in the future for our children and our grandchildren. I want them to be able to walk in the woods and enjoy the spring flowers. I want them to be able to run in the summer rain and dance in the puddles. I want Mother Earth to be able to breathe a healthy breath, provide a snowy eve and flow her rivers without the fear of pollutants and drought.

Do what you can as soon as you can. Every little sustainable step is a move in the right direction. Give back to our planet so she can continue to give to future generations. I want my grandchildren to be able to stop and smell the roses while learning to avoid the thorns of mistakes of the past. I want them to watch a Monarch on a milkweed, and find shapes in the clouds. I want them to respect the Mother Earth that has created such a beautiful home for all of us.