Learning to Live in Silence

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta, Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Silence is believed to not have a sound, but within silence lies our thoughts. This leads us to misinterpret silence at times as being uncomfortable or unsettling, but rather it leaves the question why do we feel this way? What is it about silence that provokes these emotions when we are not hearing many sounds happening around us? What it comes down to is that we are uncomfortable with being left alone with our thoughts and do not know how to handle peace.

Most of us are accustomed to living fast paced lives since we have families, a work life, and unexpected events that occur that require our attention, so when we are finally left in moments of silence it makes us feel uneasy due to the fact that we are not accustomed to living in moments that are not stressful with free time to reflect.

Our body, mind, and soul become accustomed to high levels of stress when we never take a break, which leaves us with the impression that it is normal to take on every aspect of stress that comes across our lives. However, it is not healthy to train and enable our body to endure never ending stress without ever taking moments of silence to breathe and reconnect with ourselves.

To break the never ending cycle of stress we need to learn how to live in silence through connecting with our inner selves by slowing down our thoughts instead of allowing them to race and bounce around our brain. Silence is a means to remind us that we need to slow down the pace that we are going at in life, and to reflect on what we want to accomplish for ourselves that is outside our work and family life. In starting our journey of reconnection during moments of silence it is essential to begin slowing down our breathing and inhaling the air around us, as it allows us to feel ourselves inhaling the present moment that we are living in.

By being in touch with our thoughts it allows us the ability to contemplate our desires of what we truly want for ourselves, and we begin to see silence differently, as we learn to use those moments to our advantage. Where we learn to live in the silence that inhabits the time needed to accept peace amongst all the chaos that happens around us.