A Deeper Look at Spiritual Healing

St Louis Eckankar Center

By Mike Smith

For years I suffered from back pain. After playing golf I would feel pain in my lower back for days. I didn’t want to give up the sport I loved.

Complaining and giving up aren’t my mode of dealing with difficulty. I used inner guidance and contemplation—a form of non-directed prayer. Every morning I asked for inner guidance to lead me to better health. In contemplation I sang HU, a holy name for God, to open my heart to God’s love.

Answers started coming in. A friend with no prompting, sent me a book on playing better golf by strengthening my core through physical exercises. The exercising program felt right to me. My golf swing had more pop and I had more stamina; however, the back pain persisted.

The back pain became so intense it compromised my sleeping posture resulting in a stiff neck. Desperate for relief, my inner guidance pointed me to a massage therapist. Not only did the therapist give me a terrific massage, but she told me about a chiropractor. She explained: “You don’t need an appointment. Just go there and wait your turn.”

I realized her suggestion of the chiropractor was part of my inner guidance leading me to healing. I headed straight for the chiropractors’ office. Thirty-minutes later the chiropractor had a solution, “Your back’s out of place and needs an adjustment.” He made the adjustment. Immediately, I felt relief. I wondered what had caused my back to be out of place? My inner guidance came through: the 7mm lift I’d worn for over a decade due to a hip injury was no longer needed. At first, I thought it couldn’t be. The lift was necessary for balancing my hip. The message was clear: stop using the lift.

I decided to try. I could resume using the lift if needed. It’s been almost a year since I joined the gym, had the adjustment, and removed the lift. I’ve been playing pain-free golf ever since.

I used the tools provided by the teachings of ECKANKAR: singing HU, contemplation, and opening my heart to love. By developing these spiritual tools, you too can have a greater understanding to better your life.

Mike Smith, a member of ECKANKAR for over 40 years, is the regional ECK leader of Arkansas and Missouri. The St. Louis ECKANKAR Center is located at 9958 Lin Ferry Drive or call 1-800-591-0694. For free events: eckankar-missouri.org/events.html

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