The Power of Quiet Time

Dr Gail Cloud

By Gail Cloud, DC

What winds of change are speaking quietly or loudly into your ear?

Do you recognize its call?

Taking time to just be and to listen to those voices is harder than it sounds in most of our worlds. There is so much stimulation and pulls, it can be challenging to slow down to hear the call. 

An example comes to my mind which for me is the best way to express myself.

When I was a  girl growing up, one of my favorite activities was to go to a baseball game. It didn’t matter whether it was with my family, my father, or as an older teen, with my boyfriend.

Sitting in the stands, day or night, and being outside, feeling the air on my face and arms, watching these men and their athletic abilities for 3 hours was magic. I could sit, stand, yell, eat popcorn, while being outside and just experiencing the whole event. It was wonderful. People did yell and clap, but it wasn’t constant. There was an electronic board telling us the inning, the score, the batter, but it was electronic; we could read it. We didn’t have constant music, constant yelling, constant graphics bombarding us. There were periods of relative quiet. We could read the board, not have to listen to its incessant talking and singing and barrage of stimulation. 

We could watch the game or not. At night we could see the night sky and even the stars in their distant expanse. That’s what it was: an expansive environment which allowed for our own thoughts if you so chose, and/or to focus on the relative quiet of the game unfolding in front of us. We had the presence of time unfolding with no phones or other devices to distract us from either ourselves or the game itself. I couldn’t wait for the springtime and baseball season. 

It seems we have lost some of that quiet and even expanse of time to just enjoy and be. It is in those quiet interludes that our voices become more available to us. We can actually hear them. As we listen, we learn more about our inner constellations so to speak. Carve out some quiet and expanse of time and see what you can hear and learn about yourself! I wonder how all that noise affects our health as well. I would love to hear about your experience.

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