Setting Intentions

Letting Go of the Should

By Christina Staff

Letting go of the word should was an intention I promised myself in 2023; a simple enough word, but don’t underestimate its power. We get so wrapped up in how life should look, versus embracing how it could look. This need to compare is a sneaky thief of time and energy, leaving us merely shuffling through life feeling less-than and discouraged. Let’s change the narrative. Because, why shuffle through life when you could skip?

Who are we comparing ourselves to, and more importantly, why? Everyone! Social media has become the measuring stick of how we determine ours, and everyone else’s, level of fulfillment and success. Seemingly, social media is a window into other people’s lives; a window with a beautiful view and one we wish we lived. We too often forget it’s a window with a screen. The content is filtered and we only see highlight reels and accomplishments, not struggles and setbacks.

Our lives should look like that. We should have that new house, new car, promotion, weight loss success story; the list goes on. Does this story sound familiar? And, it’s ok if it does; envy is an emotion we’ve all felt. Consumed with comparisons and our own personal lack, we waste time on how our lives should look, when that time may have been better spent on working toward how it could look. And, to take that a step further, pausing to feel gratitude for how it does look. We’re doing ourselves a disservice by discounting where we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.

Take the comparisons out of the equation and get honest with yourself. What kind of person do you want to be? Ask yourself how life could look, and align your actions to be that person and create that life. Take inventory of what’s working, and change what doesn’t. We have that power. Refrain from looking through the filters to see only lack, and instead get excited to chase after the could!

Wake up every morning and set your intentions. Remember, it’s not about how life should look, but instead how it could. On those days when you find yourself in a valley with no way of knowing for certain what is over that next mountain, know it could be great. And, with the right mindset, you’ll skip there instead of shuffle.

About the author: As a freelance writer, Christina loves nothing more than providing readers with inspirational, positive, and relatable stories of success through tales of hard work and perseverance. Reach out through email at: christina@christinastaff.com.