Rescue Me CARE STL

CARE STL is partnering with Good Dog Enrichment and Training to introduce our newest training initiative, “RESCUE ME!” This program targets a group of long timer shelter dogs that will do best with some training to set them up for success when transitioning to a new home. There is a common misperception that long-stay dogs have something “WRONG” with them. Many times, it’s because these dogs may not live up to the “instant gratification” wishes we all have! If they are shy, it may take a few meetings, or they may take a bit of extra time to acclimate to a home environment after living on the street. The biggest “restriction” our long-stay dogs have is their preference to be an only dog. While it should not be a big deal at all, it definitely holds them back since it’s hard to find a home with no other pets!

Once you give a little “EXTRA” for these long-stay animals, the reward is ten-fold. They turn out to be the most loving and loyal companions and we have seen it time and time again. If they need a little “EXTRA” training help, no worries –.we have you covered! Each dog goes home with FREE LIFETIME training with Good Dog Enrichment and Training for new adopters AND a sponsored adoption fee!

CARE STL is the only open admissions, no-kill shelter for the City of St. Louis, with a save rate of 98.6%.

For more information go to our website…www.icarestl.org

Mr. Darcy

Cue the Beatles, “I wanna hold your hand” because we have a whole collection of photos of Mr. Darcy offering up a paw and hanging onto those that he adores!

Mr. Darcy stands out because:

1. He’s so in love with the people he meets! He’s a kissy, hand holding, can’t hold showing his affection for you kind of guy!

2. He’s so playful! This guy loves to play with his friends! Doesn’t matter what the game is, he’s down to play it! As long as his person is involved, he’s happy to do what you like!

3. He’s here for you whenever you need him. We know this guy has so much love to give and whomever adopts him will know a love like no other once they meet him!

Mr. Darcy is truly something special! When he isn’t holding your hand, he will probably be waiting for you to ask him to do so. He’s here for you no matter what life throws your way!


He’s too humble to call himself a heart throb, but hubba hubba!

Blaine’s greatest qualities:

1. Those ears! Better to hear and listen to anything and everything you have to say. He hears you, and he’s here for you!

2. He wears his heart on his sleeve. When he falls in love, he falls hard!

3. Loyalty is his middle name. He will be there for you through thick and thin and back again.

Blaine is the LONGEST stay resident in the shelter. He’s craving someone to cuddle him and appreciate all the love he has to give! He’s simply the best and another staff favorite with a whole fanbase who are so excited to help him find true love!


If soft soulful eyes are your thing, Fondu will surely blow you away!

Fondu’s greatest traits are:

1. He’s an absolute goofball! Whether it’s playing with his people or his doggy friends, his goofy personality shines to win you over ✨

2. He’s a complete go with the flow kind of guy. Want to go for a long walk, he’s down! Rather spend the day cuddling on the couch, sounds great to him! He’s not one who needs endless amount of exercise, he’s low key and up for what you are!

3. He’s not one to hold a grudge. You wouldn’t know it, but he came from a neglectful situation, and he doesn’t let that affect his love for life!

Fondu is a true gem of a dog! He was the first to be added to the Rescue Me program because he’s been in a foster home before and we have endless amounts of photos of his couch cuddling, snuggle buddy self to both his human and dog sister. He’s ready to be busted out of the shelter and into your life.


If Toney had to write his own line for his dating profile, he’d say something like, “I would love my new person so much, I don’t mind just staring at you for hours”! Thankfully Toney has us to help him express his loyalty in a less intense way 😂

Toney’s takeaways he wants everyone to know:

  • 1. He’s not looking for anything but the real thing- he’s got a lot of love to give and is looking for consistency!
  • 2. He’s been known to try and “sneak” into your lap just so he can shower you with kisses
  • 3. His happy go lucky personality will keep you laughing as his sense of humor is one of his best qualities!

Toney is an incredible dog who is SO ready to be in a home with his people! He has so many friends rooting for him, and we all adore this velvet land seal so much! ❤️