Organized for Life: 3 Areas of the Heart

By Deb Powell, Healthy Planet Columnist

I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘what does organizing have to do with the heart.’ Since it’s heart month, I want to help you organize some areas of your heart so it can be healthy, strong, and beautiful, like these roses.

Our hearts need to work properly, not saddened, poisoned, or overloaded because a broken heart causes many hardships. A healthy heart makes a healthy person, and a healthy person makes a healthy environment.

3 areas of the heart we can get organized: EMOTIONS / PHYSICAL / MINDSETS

Emotions: Love/relationships 

Physical: Exercise/diet

Mindsets: Attitudes/memories


Good and bad relationships can get out of control and be very destructive. We need to know how to balance our time and energy and recognize types of personalities. As simple as spending too much time in good relationships can be unhealthy, and obviously, being in a toxic one can be devastating. Organize your time and energy so it’s in a healthy balance with healthy people.


Bodies need to move and eat. Add into your schedule regular times to simply go for a walk, do stretches, or if you like strenuous workouts, find something you love to do. I don’t like exercising, but I love to walk/hike, and dance, and I feel so energized when I do Qigong. It’s a martial art based on breathing and rooted in healing. It’s easy, it needs no equipment, and there are many free videos online. Do as much outdoors as you can, and you’ll feel like a new person.

Our hearts also need nutrients, so organizing the cupboards, pantries, and fridges is crucial. Get rid of outdated foods and items with low nutritional values, then organize the rest into food groups. I’ve heard it said, ‘if it has a label, don’t eat it!’ Haha! They’re not totally wrong… We need whole fresh food, and raw is where life is, as cooking destroys living enzymes. Read labels and learn what some of those big words are… most will shock you. Your health is very important; if you lose it, you lose everything. We have to take care of ourselves


Self-talk. Attitudes. Memories. These all affect our hearts. Any stress, negativity, and sadness hurt our hearts physically. While organizing things like photos, memorabilia, and keepsakes, we have several thoughts. They can be happy, sad, funny, recollecting, depressing, regretful, and satisfying. Positive thoughts send healthy messages to our bodies; negative messages make us sick. Get your heart’s attitude right so you can stay strong and healthy.

I hope you see now that having an organized heart is a major key to happiness and health. Love makes the world go around, and it’s contagious, so spread lots of it! 

Now that you’re getting organized and feeling better, please join us next month for: It’s Spring! ‘Let’s Lighten’ Up! 

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