Taking Back Our Power

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta

The new year is starting, which means we are leaving the past behind us and starting anew! This is the time to start our self-healing journey to celebrate the new year and to expect great opportunities to come along with moving forward from the past. To be able to embark on our journey of self-healing we need to start by learning more about ourselves through acknowledging our emotions from our experiences, and then to start gearing our focus towards finding our own happiness.

Oftentimes, we lose a sense of our power, a piece of ourselves, and our identity when we experience trauma since we were someone else at one point before going through that event. The trauma that we go through at times can take a part of us, and we spend time trying to find that lost piece of ourselves.

To begin finding ourselves we need to start by acknowledging the trauma, our emotions, and thoughts. Although it is difficult since we would be reliving the trauma this allows us to begin healing the wound that was created. Through being able to accept the validity of our feelings and thoughts about our trauma it allows us the capability to begin the healing process, and that is by finding the part of us that we thought we lost or was gone forever. In doing this we are rediscovering who we are, and taking our power back so the trauma that we experienced can no longer control us.

A lot of the time when we are hurt we tend to want to suppress our feelings at the fear of showing weakness, but when we spend time working to hide these emotions it prevents us from moving forward. Whereas when we allow ourselves the time to mourn our past selves for what they experienced in addition to what we are experiencing after the event, this provides us with the ability to start taking our power back.

There is strength in allowing ourselves to be empathic with ourselves through acknowledging our pain since if we deny ourselves the ability to mourn our past it will cause us to never truly heal, but now that the new year has started it is time for fresh beginnings. This is the time to reclaim our power and to begin radiating our happiness through discovering and rediscovering who we are despite our past.