Organized for Life: Happy ‘Organized’ New Year!

By Deb Powell

First: WE REST!!!

Then we organize.


Wait, what?! Yes, that’s what I said. Snowmen, angels, greenery, grape vine bows, mistletoe, reindeer… are also winter decor (if they’re not too Christmassy), so leave some of them out. Even lights can create a beautiful atmosphere. This also makes less work for now, and keeps some of the beauty and magic alive. Remember to diffuse or simmer nice scents: vanilla, pine, cinnamon…

Christmas tree, decorations, and items:

  • Pack all decorations carefully for storing
  • Donate things you have too many of, or are tired of
  • Throw out damaged items
  • Label things and put away in order of getting them out next year
  • Put delicate things in boxes, egg cartons… unused hard suitcases are great also
  • Kitchen: wash and pack away tea towels, bowls, cutting boards, mugs, oven mitts…
  • Bedrooms: put away throw pillows, blankets, lamps…
  • Other rooms: put away anything that is holiday specific
  • Donate or re-gift non suitable and unwanted gifts


Organize the New Year: Let’s make it the best year ever!

  • Clean as you put decorations away, or, have a separate time for that
  • Write thank you notes, and/or send Christmas cards… it’s nice to get them after the rush is over
  • Visit those you didn’t have time for during the holidays
  • Figure out your holiday credit charges and pay them off as soon as possible
  • Make notes of what you will do differently next year
  • Get organizing for the winter: Make plans, verify or adjust resolutions, take classes, start lessons, learn a craft, work on a project…
  • Plan spring gardening and/or landscaping
  • Reflect on the past year and see how you can improve your life, health, relationships…


Create a Communication Centre Clear communication is the key to a peaceful household 

The kitchen is usually best, or by the main door. It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun!

You’ll need:

  • Chalk board or white board to post things, and leave notes…
  • Wall calendar with all meetings, events, appointments…
  • Posted list of family and emergency numbers
  • File or bin for each persons’ mail or stuff (small things)


If you didn’t rearrange the furniture for the holidays, now is a great time… A fresh look for a new season! When I rearrange, it’s like I have a new home!

Watch for February’s article: 3 Areas of the Heart
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