Let it Go

Poem by Dr. Gail Cloud, D.C.

People frequently say, “Let It Go”; why can’t they just let it go

How can we let go of what we haven’t digested

It stays locked up inside of us and keeps us congested

Until we are able 

To dig deep and look at what is in us unstable

To see our core wounds

And from where they arise

 And instead of allowing them to expand like yeast in our  bread

And throughout our body continue to spread

To see with compassion the root of our pain

Not as a stain with which to deny

But as a fault line which needs to be healed

Recognizing the  story is not completely sealed

As we take new healing crumbs

To mold and slowly bake into bread 

That new food nurtures our new thoughts

As we weave new pictures and feelings into our evolving  plot

We create our new path from which to live a new story

It is then we can let go, we can just “Let It Go”

And from there we can go forward 

No longer awkward as we go toward

In this Holiday Season, let us go forward in the spirit of being open to creating new images and stories

to our old ones and our old pain. 

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