Earthworms’ Castings: Lattice

By Jean Ponzi

Random patterns
Linear sketches
Fine to bold as eye travels from sky to ground
Bodies of trees
Arching up
Trunk lines branch up
into dendritic connections
Capillary actions
Occasionally clotted with the leafy nests
of more mobile kin

Wisp delicate at their twig extremes
Each individual’s growing edges
show how even mighty lives
reach fragile into their newest spaces
Tenderness at the budding tips
sprouts resilience

Our tree friends
Our arboreal cousins
gray – brown – black – white
stand through Earth’s cold-time, down-time
Patterns of persistence
How to stand firm, stand calm
Trusting, through all Life’s cycles
in the kind of power possible
through loving living within limits

When the winter light waxes and wanes
see, touch, feel their strength
drawn across bands of flaming sky

Be confident, as they are, in change
In its own good season-turning
Life will color in the lines

From KDHX St. Louis Independent Media, Jean Ponzi and her Earthworms show conversations bring you Green views we hope you can use. www.kdhx.org.