Founder’s Forum: Resolve To Create Comm-Unity

JB Lester

By J.B. Lester

January is the time of renewal, reflection and in many cases reversal of the direction things are going. On a personal level, we look to make our lives healthier, wealthier and wiser. This brings me to a broader topic. Society. Our society needs some serious reflection and a major tuneup.

Social issues are going in so many wrong directions, it is hard to follow all the bad turns without a road map or GPS. While we think about New Year’s resolutions as individuals, how about some resolutions for society like stronger laws for some of the guns in this country. We don’t need weapons of war in the hands of the disillusioned. How about some help for the families who can’t afford day care for their children. What about all the migrants who are fleeing oppressive countries for the sanctuary of the United States?

Yes, I would like to lose ten pounds and eat a healthier diet, but what does it all matter if an out of control climate is causing stronger hurricanes, tornadoes and wild fires. What does looking good in a swimming suit matter if the oceans rise and we lose our beaches? Why must it be a political issue among our representatives who enjoy the platitudes of life while many others struggle just trying to put food on the table for their families while working three jobs to afford health care? The truth is, we have lost our way. Our moral compass isn’t pointing toward true north anymore. It is spinning out of control with no particular direction in mind. People are acting out because they are scared. Frightened of people of different colors becoming part of American society.

Change is not easy, but it is inevitable. America has always been a melting pot. We are a nation of immigrants. Why is there a crisis at the southern border? We need a comprehensive immigration policy and stick to it. Give those already here a path to citizenship just like we have given others over the years. There are jobs for those who will work and help for those who can’t. And for those who feel like life is working against them, find a constructive way to create change. Support police, doctors and nurses. Don’t burn down businesses when you protest and storm the nation’s Capitol when your side doesn’t win. Get involved in your own community to find a way to make your life better. Treat everyone you see as if they were part of your family. Make yourself part of the solution. Make sure you vote and be a part of the process.

Stop being so afraid that you believe lies instead of truths. Truth is not an opinion or multiple choice. Instead of all this tribalism, we need to create more comm-unity. Stop blaming others for your own mistakes. Raise your awareness not your anger. Maybe if we set an example, politicians who also act afraid, will begin to feel safer and start to work together to create a more sustainable future for all of us. If not, we can create our own resolutions for positive change, one vote at a time.