A View Into the New Year

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud, D.C.

Do you ever wonder what themes you might be experiencing in a new year? Do you think about what your dreams are and how you might achieve them? Do you look at your weaknesses and also your strengths and see how they can work together? I love to ask these questions and more, especially going into a new year. One of the things or tools astrology gives a person is how to look at and to find answers to these questions. The symbols in astrology don’t lie if you know how to read them. I am not talking about predictive astrology, because I don’t necessarily think all that might bepredicted is true, partially because of free will. I am talking about knowing how to see what patterns and themes are emerging and possibly the most conscious ways of working with them.

In addition, astrology gives us the ability to look at parts of ourselves with every planet and its placement serving as a bridge to our own learning and growth. We can see what aspects of us are being touched and challenged at a given time as well. For example, when our Mars is being aspected or influenced by another planet we learn more about our drive and motivation and ambition and passion. When our Neptune is being influenced by a planet or situation, we learn about the power of our imagination, the importance of dreaming, and maybe decide to develop more of a spiritual connection.  If you want to learn more about astrology and another tool to understand and appreciate yourself, feel free to reach out for a reading.

 In addition, on Saturday, December 10th at 9:00 am-10:30 am, I am hosting a virtual Astrology and Tarot event through zoom with my colleague, Nikki Nienhaus using the Tarot cards. Come prepared with your birth information. All information regarding this event is on my website: www.bodypresencing.com. And contact me at: gail@bodpresencing.com., 314-995-9755