Master Herbalist To Speak About Remedies For Health Issues December 4

Lee Wellard

If you are interested in healthy living and herbal remedies, you will want to check out the St Louis Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church December 4th, at 5 N. Skinker Blvd, St Louis. Master herbalist and owner of the American Herb Shoppe, Lee Wellard, will discuss and present a demonstration on herbal home remedies for major health issues, like sleep issues, stress, inflammatory disorders, hormonal issues, autoimmune and much more. They will also have a Q & A section and many natural remedies will be available to the public.

My Bio: Lee Wellard is a graduate from the Institute of Medical Ministry at Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital in Georgia and went on to become a teacher of applied physiology and nutrition. Lee is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and has also completed his studies as a Master Herbalist and went on to a degree his doctorate in Naturopathy and is a volunteer teacher of botanical medicine at Andrews University. He has also done multiple health programs on international television, as well as radio, and has done hundreds of seminars around the world. Lee has also developed an online herbal course that is designed to give the average lay person a solid foundation in understanding herbal remedies. In 2018 Lee started the American Herb Shoppe and has a successful online business that specializes in some of the best organic herbal extracts. Lee also does herbal consultations with people and lectures in various places around the country. He is happily married with two children and has a passion for teaching health in a way that is attractive and engaging to those who listen. For more information contact Darlene Mimbs at 314-732-2773.