Cats: That One Extra Life That Is Saving Lives

By Carrie M. Hilton, Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Our great city is home to Tenth Life Cat Rescue, which is well-loved by the St. Louis animal community. A rescue dedicated to helping give felines with physical or emotional limitations another chance and does not slow these cats down at all from living their lives filled with joy. “Tenth Life. When Nine Aren’t Enough” is the motto behind their mission. 

How did this unique courageous, and quirky cat organization, get its humble beginnings? Tenth Life Cat Rescue was founded on January 2, 2009. Ms. Elizabeth Frick was the inspiring founder whose specific mission focused on providing vital medical assistance for injured or special needs cats. She started with just one foster home and no funding; with the help of friends and family, her vision grew to be admired by local feline enthusiasts.

Tenth Life Cat Rescue speaks very close to my heart and hopefully yours. As a human with my daily physical inabilities, I can easily relate to these felines as they are inspirational. Each cat has its own distinctive story before reaching Tenth Life’s doors.

Tenth Life Cat Rescue offers different ways for inspired individuals to contribute. The “Litter Mates Club” is a virtual adoption monthly giving option while getting to know more about their “Litter Mates Club Feline Ambassadors” and their own stories of inspiring perseverance. 

Tenth Life can help you find some serenity with their “Cats and Yoga Mats” events that are gaining a lot of momentum in popularity. If you are looking to find your zen, yoga with these friendly felines might be the new change of pace activity you might want to add to your calendar. 

What makes their cat rescue so unique, one might ask? “At Tenth Life Cat Rescue, we prioritize the cats and kittens who need us most. We work hard to help as many as we can with special needs and injuries, including but not limited to neonatal kittens, cats with broken limbs, and cats with Feline Leukemia. Unlike many typical shelters, we have 50+ foster homes and a cozy adoption lounge where 20+ cats live in a home-like environment while they await adoption.” said Reagun Kennon, operations manager.

If you’d like to visit their rescue, they can be found at 3202 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO 63118 or visit their website, www.tenthlifecats.org.