Living in the Now

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta

Living in the moment is like having the fear of heights,

As we fear of falling into new experiences that are presented in our daily lives. 

Like looking down from a mountain we can see everything that we couldn’t see from the ground,

And the clouds feel close enough to grasp like a snowball,

But fear creeps in as the possibility of one wrong slip could send us falling into the ground.

Where there is no mattress there to catch our fall and cushion us to safety. 

Living in the moment is remembering to take a chance by pushing our mind’s comfortability. 

Like standing on top of a mountain looking down at the ground there are so many opportunities around us that we could not see around us until we are taken out of our comfort zone. 

However, it could be overwhelming seeing life from a wide scale, and we fear falling into what we couldn’t see before. 

Living in the moment is not about staying in the box that we create for ourselves, 

And it is not about being fearful of diving into the unknown. 

It is about taking a chance in the opportunities that life grants us.

The opportunities that entice fear in us, and stem out of our comfort. 

We need to take the chance to dive into the unknown that is in the present, 

And at the end of the fall we will end up catching ourselves.