Pet of the Month: Toby, Pembroke Corgi

Pet of the Month

Toby is the love of my life right now. He is one year old and  has all the characteristics of the corgi. He’s cute, smart, witty, stubborn and most of all he’s very, very lovable on his own terms.

 He is what they call a super chewer. He chews everything from laundry that I’m trying to fold and grabbing and running away with it to two credit cards that he has chewed up. His kennel doesn’t have any blankets because he chews on them. He doesn’t have a lot of toys because he can tear them up in a matter of minutes. He has a lot of really hard chewy toys and lots of chew sticks. But I still love him dearly and he’s the apple of my eye. So glad Toby came into my life when he did!  — Bev Mittler

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