Medical Acupuncture on Dental-Oral Cavity Meridian: Dental as a Missing Link for Medical Failures

Dr Simon You

By Simon Yu MD

Do you want to live a longer, healthier life without chronic aches, pain or chronic illness? Your oral cavity, gum and dental status can provide an ample “mouthful of evidence” of your health status, and your physician most likely overlooked the dental-oral connection to your health. Medical doctors rely on dentists to care for your teeth, and common procedures can lead to making your health worse in the long run. How do I know? I have witnessed a medical and dental disconnection for the last 30 years thanks to my mentor, biological dentist Doug Cook, DDS, a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine in Dentistry. Dental Meridian represents the upper lymphatic system including throat, tonsils, sinus and oral cavity.

Hidden dental problems may be as bad or worse for your health than obesity, hypertension and diabetes as a preexisting medical condition, and yet medical professions are blindsided by dental problems as a preexisting condition and source of inflammation and chronic disease. Modern dentistry may create a bigger medical problem with its current Newtonian-based mechanical model of dentistry focused on physical function and cosmetics. The future of dentistry will understand and embrace Energy Medicine, a part of holistic, integrative biological medicine. Acupuncture meridians are an integral part of energy, the basic language of Nature; energy medicine is essential to understanding health and disease.

I will present to a large medical group, A4M/MMI in Boston in September 2022, on the topic, “Dental as a Missing Link for Medical Failures: Lyme, Cancer, Neurological Disorders and More.” My lecture will focus on evidenced based case studies to connect the dots of the Medical and Dental (MAD) disconnection, lymphatic drainage to the brain, breast, thyroid, etc. by understanding and using acupuncture meridian assessment as a guiding tool. Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) can translate the medical history, physiology and biochemistry of individual patients to a frequency (think musical) scale based on meridians: 5,000-year- old technology. 

When a patient does not respond to standard medical care, it is a time think dental, parasites and fungal! You can read the full version of this article, with case studies and illustrations, on the articles page of my website, www.preventionandhealing.com/articles. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion on Integrative Medicine at Prevention and Healing, Inc. on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Call 314-432-7802 to verify the date. Seating is limited, arrive early.

Dr. Simon Yu, MD is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine to use the best each has to offer at Prevention and Healing, Inc. For more on his practice, and his latest book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine, visit his website at www.preventionandhealing.com 

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