Organized for Life: Step Inside!


By Deb Powell

The FOYER is the first place we see when we enter our homes. It’s also the first place others see. When we enter a bright and organized foyer it’s like receiving a ‘welcome home’ hug and smile. This also entices us to organize the rest of the house. Let’s get started! ϑ

You may need to have a family discussion to explain how each member needs to be responsible for their personal belongings. Certain things may be kept in this area, but some things need to be kept in their rooms, or put away for the season.

Easy ideas for your entranceway:

  • Hangers or hooks for coats
  • Labeled bins for each person’s hats, mitts… or, bookcase style shelves, mounted shelves, material hanging shelves, or a chest of drawers
  • Large hooks for backpacks, umbrellas…
  • Small hooks for keys, or
  • Small table with a drawer, a dish for keys, wallets, sunglasses… Table top to set things on while getting ready or coming in… 
  • Chair or deacons bench for sitting while getting footwear on and off
  • Shelves for shoes and boots, solid so dirt doesn’t drop down on the next level
  • Bin/tote for sports equipment
  • SHOES!!! Leave them at the door… they are filthy! Yuk! You don’t want his stuff all over your house… they can carry mud, grease, toxins, lawn chemicals, lead, mucus, and e. coli. Remember, physical illnesses can cause mental ones, and stress.

There are two holidays this month, Thanksgiving, (in Canada) and Halloween. Next month is Thanksgiving in the US, and December brings ‘you know what’. Now that we’ve got a start on tidying up (last month’s article) it will be easier and more fun to decorate.

Decorating ‘rule of thumb: ‘Less is better’. Too much is cluttered looking. You’ll enjoy the chosen decorations more. 

You probably have your favorites, but some ideas are to relocate, mix them up, put some away, get rid of some (especially if damaged or dirty), or get new ones. New ones are refreshing, but not too many at once.

Have a theme, or color scheme.

Put empty boxes and containers out of sight during holidays.

A reader asked how to organize a space to work from home, so make sure you see next month’s article! Happy Autumn! ϑ

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