Fred Dickerson: ‘Everything you dream is within reach if you chase it’

Fred Dickerson

Fred Dickerson is a very ambitious go-getter who has had a lot of success in his career but continues to help people in various ways. He’s talented and is admired but also stays down to earth. 

SHB. What is your occupation?

FD: Full-time digital content creator. I specialize in creating short-form content for social media. I do photography and videography for visual media purposes online.

SHB: I know you’ve worked with some well-known people locally and nationally. Are you doing photos or videos for them?

FD: I photograph artists like Big Sean and work alongside motivational speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and John Maxwell. I’ve worked with local businesses, including Greater St. Louis Inc.

SHB:  What are some of your volunteer activities?

FD:  My main one is the internship program. I am seeking students who want to have an active career in media, aiding them with the trials and tribulations of the field. I used to do special Olympics photography.

SHB:  What is your philosophy?

FD: Everything you dream is within reach if you chase it.

SHB: What is in you that makes you want to help other people?

FD: If I had someone when I was younger, I wouldn’t have been as angry. I help others because I know how lonely I felt when I was coming up. My dad was in my corner and said yes you can chase your dreams, but I didn’t feel like I had anybody that said, it’s all possible right now, right this second, you do it. I speak at colleges and tell the students you are worth something.

SHB: Who inspires you?

FD: Tony Carosello, my old photography teacher. Someone told me what I wanted to do was real, and I wasn’t crazy. And now I am where I am.

SHB: What does a normal day look like for you?

FD: Get up at 6 am, get to the office by 7 am. And work until I get tired. On fun days, wake up at 5 am, hop on the plane by 6 am, and work until the client gets tired.

SHB: What have you learned in life about being a motivator?

FD: As easily as you can motivate, you can demotivate someone. You can take it all away. You have to be very conscious of what you say.

SHB: Is there anything else you would like to share?

FD: Never give up on something you are passionate about.