Introduce ‘Bagle’ as a Part of Your Family Routine

Designed for children, preteens, and teenagers into adulthood, St Louisan Kim ‘Schwarz’ Duerr self-published an affirmation book that grows with maturity.

With a bit of humor, “Basset-Beagle named Bagle” begins as a brightly illustrated picture book filled with basic fundamentals for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Also included is a ‘quick-list’ of affirmations to start your day and calm your nights. This hardcover book then graduates into journal inspiring paragraphs of positivity and thoughts of reflection to guide you through the journey of creating your own path in Life. “Basset-Beagle named Bagle” builds confidence with kindness, generosity, gratitude and self-worth for all ages.

A family book for everyone, ‘Bagle’ is non-discriminating based on gender, race and age. Schwarz hopes children will love this book for a lifetime and ultimately read it to their own children, generation after generation. “Everyone should share affirmations of encouragement to build self-esteem,” Schwarz says, “There is no other book that escorts you for a lifetime quite the same way as this Basset-Beagle named Bagle.” 

“When reading out loud, Schwarz explains, the ‘I AM’ affirmations from ‘Bagle’ put your child in charge of how they feel about who they are.” Schwarz believes it’s not always enough for parents to tell their children positive things, the impact is much more effective when a child believes for themselves because the words and the thoughts you have about yourself greatly impact who you become.

Personality traits, gender and birth order are only a few influencing factors in the development of your child. “Basset-Beagle named Bagle” is timeless and prepares children for the good, the bad, the easy and the hard part of Life. No one is exempt from hardship, a little or a lot….’Bagle’ will positively enhance your Life.  

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For speaking engagements with Kim Schwarz Duerr and her hound dog or for book purchase go to www.affirmationdog.com

BRING YOUR KIDS to the “Basset Hound & Beagle Breed Meet-up” for a Meet-n-Greet with Kim. 
Come read a book & pet some dogs. Entry for humans is free 
Sunday, September 4th at Bar K St Louis 4565 McRee Ave from 3 pm – 6 pm
Books are $20.00 with proceeds given to ‘The Spirit of St Louis Women’s Fund’.