Pre-Preexisting Conditions as a Biological Time Bomb: New Era of Covid, Post-Covid, and Cancer Epidemics

Dr Simon You

By Simon Yu MD

If you have a preexisting condition like obesity, diabetes or hypertension, you are more susceptible to severe Covid, Post-Covid Syndrome, or post-vaccination related complications. There is no dispute about working to reduce the danger of preexisting conditions: better control for diabetes, hypertension and obesity. 

How about pre-preexisting conditions? Do you have any that might trigger Post-Covid Syndrome, or perhaps cancer? What are common ones? In my experience, they include hidden dental problems, parasites, fungi and mold, environmental toxins, allergy, nutritional deficiency, and unresolved emotional conflict. 

I recently saw two new patients, both with diagnoses of ovarian cancer. One had a positive tissue biopsy, total hysterectomy, and chemotherapy, followed by recurrent cancer with metastasis to the liver. She was seeking additional means to support her immune system to fight cancer. The second had biopsy of the lymph nodes in her neck “suspicious” for ovarian cancer, but no symptoms, and an extensive OB-GYN evaluation did not reveal any obvious problem. The pathologist suspected ovarian cancer based on biopsy, and she followed recommendations to have total hysterectomy, chemo, and radiation. The final tissue biopsy did not show any sign of cancer. She still had recurrent lymph node swelling, and was recommended for more chemotherapy. My assessment indicated that she had three infected teeth driving inflammation, and her lymph node swelling was mimicking cancer.

My approach is to detect and defuse the biological time bombs that are attacking your healthy biological systems, your terrain, the gut, brain, and more. Based on my patients’ experiences over the years, I believe we can stop or at least slow down progression of serious diseases by aggressively using antiparasitic and antifungal medications and removing infected teeth to address hidden stealth threats. We can defuse these biological time bombs and prepare for a future with better odds of survival and recovery in this new era of Covid, Post-Covid, and Cancer. Read the full article at https://preventionandhealing.com/articles.

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