6 Minutes a Day to Feeling Better in Your Body

Kate Lamprich

By Kate Lamprich

Our magical human bodies are capable of healing themselves; but the lives that we live get stuck. Our experiences, traumas, illness, disease, thoughts, and more get stuck in our physical, mental/emotional, and energetic bodies inhibiting the natural healing functions. 

As a practitioner, it is my job to provide a safe and comfortable environment for healing to take place and to support my clients in moving what is stuck so that their bodies can heal; then sending them home with the knowledge and empowerment to continue healing and living a happier and healthier existence.

Making changes can be overwhelming.

Taking the changes one little step at a time, can be more manageable and more likely to experience success and have true change in the habits.

Your spine moves in 6 directions: flexion and extension, side bend to left and right, and twisting to left and right. 

Taking 6 minutes each day to move your spine in these 6 directions can support your body in the following ways

  • Increase range of motion
  • Lessen pain
  • Strengthen the core
  • Improve conditions like stenosis, arthritis, degenerative disc

Begin in a sitting or standing position and for 2 minutes, slow your breathing and add movement. As you inhale, move your body into spinal extension or a slight back bend; as you exhale, move your body into spinal flexion. These movements should be slow and small and throughout your whole spine, starting with your sacrum (at the base of your spine). Inhale: rock your hips back creating more curve in your lower back, making more space in the front of your body, your abdomen and chest. Exhale: rock your hips into a tuck-your-tail movement, arch your back, and let all of the breath leave your lungs and touch your chin to your chest.

For the next 2 minutes, as you inhale lengthen your spine by lifting your head, as you exhale lift one side of your body over the other. The best thing to remember with side bending, is not to scrunch down the side that you are bending toward, but to life the other side up and over. With each slow and steady inhale, lift and lengthen your spine, and with each exhale lift and bend to the other side, back and forth.

With twisting, rather than moving back and forth during these two minutes; you will twist to one side and hold for one minute and then twist to the other side and hold for one minute. With each inhale, imagine lifting and lengthening the spine up and with each exhale twist a little bit further. Each movement should be slow and small, not cranking and quick.

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