Publisher’s Corner

Susan Hunt-Bradford

Welcome September, and welcome readers back to print!

I’m so excited that The Healthy Planet Magazine is once again a print publication. We’ll also stay online, but I know many people look forward to picking up the monthly edition at your favorite location. We’ve all been working hard trying to get everything written and published.

When I decided to become the publisher of The Healthy Planet; I had it in my mind that I wanted this to be a community newspaper. I want people to feel comfortable interacting with our team members, commenting on our articles, and supporting our advertisers. I want readers to give us feedback on what they like and what other things we need to feature in the magazine. I also want this publication to be upbeat, motivating, positive and uplifting. I try to live like that, as I know our readers do. I’m trying to do my small part in drowning out the negativity we all encounter. It’s easy to be negative, but it’s just as easy and feels much better to be positive. There’s always something to feel good about, and helping others is a perfect way.

With this edition, I’ve started a feature called “Good people doing good things.” There are so many good people out there, and we don’t always get a chance to acknowledge or celebrate them; I hope this feature inspires readers to continue to do good things. Also, to let the people doing good things know they are valued and needed now more than ever. I’ve started a food and nutrition section with a few monthly recipes. Several different people will create wonderful original recipes while keeping the ingredients healthy. We’ll have a monthly organization column since clutter and disorganization can affect our health and wellness in many ways. We’ll also have some other new things that we can all use to live a healthier, happier life. And of course, I want to feature many pets and various animals.

We have some new Healthy Planet team members bringing their unique perspectives to the publication. Previous team members who worked with JB Lester will continue to give us their experience and expertise. All of them, whether new or seasoned, are talented, fun, and very special people. I’m learning so many new things, I know I’ll make mistakes along the way, but that’s the only way to learn. I enjoy learning, so I know this position will never get boring.

Thanks to our readers, advertisers, and team members for your continuous support of The Healthy Planet Magazine. A very special thank you to JB as he continues to advise me and help the publication in many ways while always staying patient.

Stay tuned because more great things are in the works.

Sincerely, Susan Hunt-Bradford, Publisher