Glistening Plastic

Marine Debris

By Jasmin Acosta

The waves of the ocean move swiftly through the air, and the sun reflects its rays off the top of the waves. Where the waves glisten from the brightness of the sun, sparkling as if the stars have sunken into the waves.

The grainy warm sand captures the heat rays from the sun, and warms our feet at the beach. Tiny sea shells hiding beneath the sand waiting to be discovered. There are round brown shells with swirls like ones that a snail would wear. Along with long, swirly seashells in the shape of an ice cream cone. Deeper within the sand there are shark teeth hiding too. The waves of the ocean pick up its treasures to leave on the shore for us to unearth. Our ocean leaves us a piece of their mysterious world for us, So we can keep a part of their underwater world.

The shores of our beaches are having plastic thrown into it, and it is left there sitting on the warm sand that we step on. Plastic being covered by sand and being buried like sand crabs burrowing away. Children dig into the sand looking for ocean treasures like sea shells only to be met with plastic hiding beneath the sand grasping the skin on their fingertips.

The ocean waves open its arms wide open, crashing onto the shore hugging the plastic. The ocean consumes the plastic swimming through the top of its waves, and the plastic captures the shiny rays from the sun where it begins to glisten through the tides. The rays of the sun reflect off the plastic in the ocean, stealing away the stars that were once inside the ocean waves.