It is Time to Transform our Food System Through the 2023 Farm Bill

Melissa Vatterott

Melissa Vatterott, Policy Director


Good food policy means a healthy, fair, and sustainable food system from farm to fork. From farm to fork, our food system should be something we are proud of, making the safest and healthiest food available for everyone. One avenue through which we can see good food policy for the United States is through the Farm Bill. MCE is gearing up for another Farm Bill campaign to ensure the next Farm Bill supports our farmers, our health, and our environment. This next Farm Bill is slated for fall 2023. Here’s everything you need to get up to speed and ready for action starting this summer!

The Farm Bill is a large piece of legislation renewed every five years. It includes funding for over 200 programs that cover nutrition, conservation, forestry, organic farming, and more. The Farm Bill has several “tiny but mighty” programs that can do a lot to support sustainable farmers, farmers of color, and beginning farmers. MCE is excited to work with nationwide partners and Missourians to ensure these programs are well funded and executed well to reach as many farmers as possible. 

This summer, Congress will introduce marker bills — these are what we like to describe as “draft pages” of the final Farm Bill. We will need your help asking Missouri’s congressional delegation to co-sponsor the marker bills most important to Missouri’s farmers, health, and environment. The more co-sponsors a marker bill has, especially from both major political parties, the more likely Congressional leadership will decide next year to put that bill’s language into the final 2023 Farm Bill. One marker bill we are excited about right now is the Agricultural Resilience Act! 

The Agriculture Resilience Act will harness the power of agriculture to draw down carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil, and with enough support, it can become part of the Farm Bill. With urgent action now, including the investments and policy reforms in the ARA, we can meet our climate goals and dramatically improve our food system while engaging farmers in making the critical changes necessary for our future.

Join us today in asking your members of congress to co-sponsor the Agricultural Resilience Act! To stay informed about our work around the 2023 Farm Bill, visit www.moenvironment.org/farmbill.