Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions — for Everyone

Charlotte Renner

By Charlotte Renner

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that shows your commitment to keeping our environment safe? The following resolutions are doable no matter who you are and where you live. 

Stop buying single-use plastics 

Just by taking a trip to the grocery store, you’re probably buying more single-use plastic than you realize. Produce like potatoes or oranges are often wrapped in plastic for no reason. This packaging adds to the millions of tons of single-use plastic that gets thrown away each year (150 million tons, to be exact). Shopping somewhere like a local farmers market, food retailer or non-profit grocery store will help you avoid this, while also contributing to the local food movement. Choosing to buy produce without the plastic wrapping on it can make an impact. 

Eat out at farm to table restaurants — here are a few in the St. Louis area

If you enjoy going out to eat, farm to table restaurants are an environmentally responsible option, while still getting delicious food. Because their meat and produce is locally and sustainably sourced, farm to table restaurants use much less fuel and carbon emissions than other restaurants. By supporting farm to table restaurants, you’re also supporting the local growers, bakers and makers who contribute to it. This allows you to be sure of where the food you’re eating came from. The following restaurants use produce from our Known & Grown farmers

Plant your own garden to reduce your carbon footprint

Growing your own food can benefit your life and the environment in many ways. Firstly, 10 to 30% of a household’s carbon footprint comes from food, according to the Univer. These carbon emissions come from the production and transportation of food. Planting a portion of the vegetables you consume can greatly decrease your carbon footprint. It allows you to decide what pesticides are on your food, if any at all. It can also save you money on food staples you buy every time you go to the store. Some common vegetables that can be easily grown at home include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, spinach and eggplant. If you live in an apartment without access to a yard, hydroponic systems and grow lights can help you achieve your gardening goals. 

Support MCE and help advocate for the environment!

Missouri Coalition for the Environment works to keep our environment safe year round through lobbying for better legislation, keeping tabs on Missouri’s environmental issues and supporting local farmers. Some ways you can help are:

From all of us here at MCE, we wish you a very happy and sustainable New Year.