Colon Hydrotherapy Helps Achieve Body’s Natural Balance

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By Kate Lamprich, Colon Hydrotherapist,
Foundation Level 1-ACT certified

Colon Hydrotherapy is a great way to support your body in maintaining homeostasis ( a stable internal environment). Our colon (or large intestines), are filled with a balance of good bacteria and yeast for the purpose of digesting and eliminating the waste from the foods that we eat. As is true with all functions and parts of the body, the colon is self-cleansing and self regulating; however, occasionally the body needs support in cleansing and maintaining balance.

Colon hydrotherapy works to support your colon’s natural functions. It is certainly indicated for individuals who have constipation issues; a healthy colon eliminates shortly after each time the digestive system ingests food. In other words, each time an individual eats a meal, the bowels should be moving to eliminate waste. For a variety of reasons, many people do not have bowel movements that often, and colon hydrotherapy is a great way to kick-start the body to a more healthy and regular function.

Even for individuals who have regular healthy bowel movements, colon hydrotherapy has a variety of benefits. These benefits include (but are not limited to): increased energy, better sleep, better immune system function, decreased feelings of brain fog, boosted mood, and more. Removing waste and toxins, allows the body to absorb more vitamins minerals and nutrients from the food that we eat. When the body is filled with waste and toxins, a person can feel fatigued and have difficulty doing normal activities.

A colonic, or colon hydrotherapy session, is a gentle cleanse of the colon using water. There are two types of instruments used to administer the water for the colonic an open system or a closed system. At Essential Health and Wellness we use a closed system.

Before your colonic begins, your colon hydrotherapist will review your intake for with you, asking questions about your medical history and your expectations and goals for your session to determine if colon hydrotherapy is a good fit for you. During your very first appointment, your colon hydrotherapist will also review some basic information about the digestive system, how colon hydrotherapy supports your digestive system, and how colon hydrotherapy sessions are administered.

Your colon hydrotherapist will coach you through the procedure, with relaxing full breathing to help your autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) response.

The water that comes from the instrument and introduced into your colon through the speculum is filtered water. The temperature and pressure of the water is controlled by the colon hydrotherapist using dials on the instrument. The pressure is kept very gentle, this is NOT a power wash.

As a colon hydrotherapist, I also massage the abdomen during the colonic. This helps increase the results of the releases. Nothing that happens during a colonic or colon hydrotherapy session is painful and the health benefits are numerous.

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