Deworming the Mummy in the Nile River: Forgotten Art of Preventive Medicine

Dr. Simon Yu

By Simon Yu, MD

Here is an excerpt from my latest article, which I have retitled to capture your attention: 

l was in Egypt on a Nile river cruise in October. Our anthropology tour guide was describing not only ancient Egyptian history and monuments, but also frequent Nile River illness: an ancient curse of abdominal bloating, pain, shortness of breath, blood in the stool or urine and gradual demise, not only during ancient times, but also as a current medical problem after the Aswan dam was built.

I noticed that he had abdominal bloating and became winded easily; he said he was checked for schistosomiasis and tested negative for parasites by his physician. He found out that I was a practicing physician, not retired as most of the tour group, and asked me privately what can be done. I gave him my small emergency supply of ivermectin and praziquantel, left over from my recent training for physicians on how to use parasite medications with the instruction that if there was some improvement, he would need more medications from his doctors – regardless of tests results; based on his symptoms. I did not evaluate his meridian systems, but his symptoms were consistent with schistosomiasis.

Deworming parasites, most likely Schistosoma liver flukes, and others with ivermectin and praziquantel on the Nile River is a forgotten or neglected art of preventive medicine. After listening to the patient’s history, I treated him based on clinical symptoms, not on lab reports. Deworming is basic preventive medicine. Veterinarians knew the truth about deworming as a part of preventive medicine and physicians need to be reeducated on the limitations of parasite testing. We need a new way of thinking about chronic problems. We may need to deworm on a global scale with human parasite medications. Who knows what else will disappear? Parasite treatment is a forgotten Art of Preventive Medicine.

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