Publisher’s Corner: Vaccines Are Our Ticket To Freedom

J.B. Lester The Healthy Planet

As I write this column on July 26, facemask mandates have been reinstated in the St. Louis City and St. Louis County. The Covid-19 Delta variant, 1,000 times more infectious as the original Covid-19 virus, is running wild across the country and particularly bad in southern Missouri and quickly coming our way. Those who are not vaccinated stand a good chance of catching this more contagious variant, becoming very ill and perhaps dying. In fact, just less than half of the country is fully vaccinated against this killer virus. Every time I think about it, I can’t wrap my mind around why people choose tomfoolery over truth. I know there will always be anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists. There is no reaching them with science and facts. But for those who have not gotten the vaccine because of political leanings or past government transgressions, it’s time to come to grips with reality. This is not a red or blue state issue, it’s a health issue. Viruses like weather disasters know no political or state boundaries. For those who have been waiting to see if the vaccine works, we now have hundreds of millions of people vaccinated proving vaccine efficacy which should open the door for any remaining doubters. We as a nation need to pull together and get vaccinated so we can go on with our lives. If the unvaccinated don’t do their part, then we will all be wearing masks for some time to come and stores, restaurants and social venues and schools will be closed down again. Vaccines are our way out of all this. Why are so many people so blind to that? Those of us who are vaccinated are being held hostage by the unvaccinated. You are the dry tinder that the virus wildfire uses to spread. Good God, do it for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your country. A vaccination is your ticket to freedom. No more masks, no more people telling you what you can or can’t do, where you can go for fun or dine, no more serious illness, no more death. The Supreme Court just ruled that vaccination mandates are indeed constitutional. It’s up to you, it’s time to decide. Before someone decides for you.