Nature Wisdom

By Pat Tuholske

The Generosity of Plants

Plants are not innate objects but living, growing green beings that react to your presence, your energy and your thoughts. Current research on plants demonstrate how they communicate with each other, have memory of harm or good will, are conscious of their environment and those who pass through. The intelligence within the plant kingdom can influence your life and aid your journey. When you connect with the life force of the plant you can transform this energy into medicine for your body, mind and spirit. Plants give freely of this gift.

Plants have been used since ancient times for food, clothing, ceremony and medicine. Our ancestors’ use of plants is evidence of how well they knew what was growing in their environment. This long relationship between humans and the plant world has been based upon awareness and respect. You, too, can come to know the power of the plant’s vibration. Get to know the plants in your surroundings. These Green Guardians are potential teachers and allies. Accepting this generous gift from the plant can bring health on many levels.

It is quite simple to concoct plant medicines. Become clear on what you wish to transform within yourself and focus on your intention. Approach the plant with respect and open to its healing vibration. Ask the plant for help. (Be certain you can identify the plant and it is not poisonous.) To transmute the health-giving quality of the plant, place it into your chosen solvent. Say befitting prayers over your concoction and use in the appropriate manner to create well-being in all levels of your life. This alchemy occurs in the many methods of herbal application. Here’s just a few…

  • Make a tea by pouring boiling water over one teaspoon of dried or fresh herbs. Let this sit for ten minutes, strain (or not) and drink daily.
  • Add a handful of herbs to your bath and soak for twenty minutes.
  • Steep dried, fragrant herbs in olive or grape seed oil for six weeks. Strain and use as a great smelling body oil for massage and moisturizing.
  • Soak a small towel in a warm or cold infusion (a very strong tea), wring it out, and place on aching muscles. Repeat several times.
  • Take powdered herbs and add a small amount of water to make a poultice. Apply to the skin to draw out infections and afflictions.
  • Fill a clear glass bowl with spring water and flower petals. Place in full sun for three hours. Strain the petals and bottle the water. You now have a flower essence to heal strong emotions and imbalanced thoughts.
  • Include wild weeds and flowers in your salads and vegetable dishes. Wild plants contain vitamins and minerals that our bodies can easily assimilate and utilize.

My work with the plant is a lifelong process and has been the key to my personal welfare. My kinship with plants fills me with connection and belonging. Plant medicines are incredible tools for self-transformation. Making my own medicines from the plants living on our land has furnished me with the tools to give me strength, heal my body and lift my spirits.

Empower yourself with this simple generous legacy. Use it well. The plant is a gift from this good green earth. Treat it with respect and always show your gratitude.

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