Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Causing a Contagion of Community

By Tom Braford

We are all familiar with the phrase, “United we stand; divided we fall.” But what does that really mean, and how can we become united, if we are not already?

The conventional wisdom is that people often unite around a common threat or a common opportunity, but the debate around Covid-19 and whether the vaccines are an opportunity or not seems to be proving that wrong.  
Ironically, Climate Change is now a much larger existential threat and opportunity. The latest news is that it is going to make all our lives worse if we don’t come together and address it very soon. If we do take effective collective action, it will improve all of our lives. The operative word here is collective.

The opportunities that are available to us, especially to a united front, are unprecedented. The agreed solution and timeline is that we need to get to net zero CO2e by 2050 and be well on our way by 2030. We can do this by creating Ecovillages with all renewable energy, green electric transportation and using captured CO2 permanently sequestered in new green concrete, carbon fiber and high recycled content materials.

St. Louis can lead the world to Net Zero by 2050 by causing first a contagion of unified community in St Louis, then an endemic in Missouri and finally a pandemic of sustainability and economic and social progress in the world by 2030. Diverse populations on the west coast are already seeking out and working with green cohousing and ecovillage developers and have found that it’s relatively easy to find a diverse community of neighbors that share their commitment to creating a community based on a just transition, whatever their other differences might be. 
We invite you to get involved:

  • Become an advocate.
  • We need to expand political and economic support locally.
  • Be a business partner or investor.

Join our group of pioneers to cause a contagion of sustainability, social and economic progress throughout the region.

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