Endless Dentistry Forever Sickness: Dentists Have No Sense of Humor

Dr Simon Yu

By Simon Yu, MD

Dentists have no sense of humor! When I tell them that lots of medical crimes are committed in the dental chair with high-speed drills, amalgams, fluoride treatment, root canals, incompatible dental materials and implants, they certainly are not laughing. 

Dental problems are one of the major reasons adding complexity to already complicated medically unexplained symptoms. Dentists are dead silent when I mention these topics until I switch to how Biological Dentists are heroes and can save medically complex, chronically ill patients by undoing the work done by their family-friendly dentists.

Biological dentists have the same dental training, but a quite different philosophical approach to the oral cavity: a more holistic approach to health, safe dentistry, nutrition, and more openness to medical/dental connections beyond cosmetics and mechanical restoration. The other missing link between these two groups is an understanding of Energy Medicine. 

3-D CBCT scans became the gold standard for detecting a tiny, abscessed tooth or hollow cavitation of jaw infection. However, during the early stage of dental infections before there is soft tissue and bony destruction, dental microbes release endotoxins. DNA testing became a game changer for forensic DNA evidence of dental microbes. See my book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine, dental chapter.

Gravity helps drain toxins and infections from the upper jaw, and it is less likely to be problematic than the lower jaw. Unnecessary dental operations based on a hollow cavitation picked up by CBCT imaging will add more stress to a compromised immune system, is expensive, and can further delay recovery. 

Dental problems can be an ongoing source of medical problems and that is why physicians alone cannot help those with medically unexplained symptoms. The Gut and Brain connects through the oral cavity via the crossroads of the Vagus and Trigeminal nerves. 

Finding a biological dentist who understands the importance of Energy Medicine in Dentistry is as rare as a dentist with a sense of humor See the Resources page of my website for a list of biological dentists in St. Louis and beyond. There is a full version of this post on the Articles page of my website.

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