Coalition Report: Resources To Help You Shop Local

Chiamaka Chukwu

By Chiamaka Chukwu

Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) is a nonpartisan nonprofit that focuses on advocating for clear water, clear air, clean energy, and a healthier environment. MCE supports allied organizations working towards the same goals while providing vital information to thousands of Missourians on issues that affect their water, air, food, health, and environment. 

One way MCE has educated the public on sustainable food practices is through the creation of a Local Foodshed Story Map for St. Louis. This story map was created to support local farms and is based on data collected from the 2019 St.Louis Regional Food Study. Individuals interested in learning about sustainable farms, gardens, restaurants and grocery stores can use this interactive local foodshed map.

In addition, MCE created a program called Known and Grown STL (K&G). The program gives farmers who pursue humane, chemical- free practices and live within 150 miles of St. Louis the opportunity to join a resilient network focused on creating an equitable food community. K&G also provides crucial information that helps the community better understand why environmentally responsible farming is beneficial.

With the help of the Local Food Locator, Missourians are connected to a network of sustainability that showcases farms and farmers’ markets where individuals can pick up items ranging from berries and beef, to jellies and jams. Before each farm is added to the Local Food Locator, we ensure the farmers meet basic good stewardship practices and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

MCE also shares information about farmers’ markets, stores and restaurants so potential buyers are able to find animal products and produce from farmers in the K&G program. Not only that, but members of the K&G program are able to better address gaps in Missouri’s food system, while providing information to the public on how sustainable farming can positively impact them and improve the environment.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable farms in Missouri, sign up for MCE e-alerts at https://moenvironment.org/signup-elerts/. These e-alerts give individuals the opportunity to stay up to date on what’s happening in our local communities and opportunities to get involved.