Optimizing your Health: Are Nutritional Supplements Right for You?

Dr. Amy Davis

by Dr. Amy Davis, MD

I am commonly asked from my patients, “Can I get all the nutrients I need from food?” 

In an ideal world, eating organic, whole, fresh food, would provide all the nutrients our bodies require to function optimally. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we still fall short. Some of the reasons for the nutritional deficits include:

  • Diets containing processed foods, trans fats and sugar.
  • Over farming and loss of topsoil that has resulted in nutrient-poor foods. 
  • Shipping and storage of fresh foods for long periods.
  • Genetic alteration of foods reducing nutrient value.
  • Prescription medications can deplete specific nutrients – For example, Statin drugs deplete the nutrient Co-Q-10. 
  • Poor eating habits – skipping meals, eating on the run.
  • Poor digestion, inadequate chewing and intestinal flora imbalance make it difficult for our bodies absorb nutrients efficiently.
  • Different life stages have different requirements – e.g. very young vs. menopausal women.
  • Family tendencies are inherited genetic weaknesses which may require more support. For instance a family history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even migraine headaches.
  • High stress lifestyle – overwork, poor sleep, family demands, technology paired with a lack of relaxation and balance.
  • Oxidative Stress resulting from environmental toxins, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, poor nutrition or chronic infections.

Evidence shows we need nutritional supplementation! Nutrients are essential for proper functioning of our biochemistry and metabolism serving both functional and structural roles. Widespread deficiencies in our population include omega-3 fats, vitamin D, folate, zinc, magnesium and iron. Doctors now routinely prescribe omega fish oil, folate, coenzyme Q10, and probiotics, even in traditional medical clinics.

It is most beneficial to take only what your body needs and in the right dosages. Over supplementation can create its own stress within your body, and lead to further physiological stress. Children should only take formulas designed specifically for their needs. When choosing supplements make sure that they are of high quality, free of allergens, additives, and have been independently verified to contain what is on the label. 

Because there is so much to know about proper use of supplements, I suggest a consultation to identify nutrients that are best for you. 

Call us for a consultation to identify the nutrient support that are best for you. \

Wishing you the Best of Health!
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