Listening In The Garden — Podcasts

Linda Wiggen Kraft

by Linda Wiggen Kraft
Healthy Planet Green & Growing Editor

I spend lots of time in gardens. There are many hours working in my own garden and many hours in gardens I designed and help maintain. I seldom tire of pulling the weeds, digging in the soil and enjoying the presence of flower and plant’s beauty. I love the sounds of the birds, bees, wind in the trees and the surround sound symphony of nature. But there are times when listening to podcasts about gardens makes the garden hours go faster.

Garden podcasts are not only fun to listen to, they are also very informative. This year I am planting organic broccoli seeds that are a cross between Asian and European varieties that grow in our heat and humidity, unlike the ones that seem to fail in our hot steamy summers. I heard about these from a grower at Johny’s Selected Seeds on a podcast. I heard the author of the book Plant Partners, Science based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden explain the recent scientific research that confirms which plants help others grow. For example, garden beans and potatoes planted together increases the size of potatoes. Thyme Leaf Speedwell is a plant I now want as a blue flowering groundcover. I heard about it in the banter of two garden writers and pro gardeners.

There are four garden podcast I regularly listen to. I subscribe and get a notice each time a new podcast goes online. The first is A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach. A former garden editor of Marth Stewart Magazine, Margaret moved from NYC to her upstate NY home where she has acres of gardens and loved landscapes. The half hour weekly show covers many aspects of organic gardening and ecology of the garden. She interviews authors, plant researchers, cookbook gardeners, cut flower growers and other experts. A recent interview with Doug Tallamy discussed his new book The Nature of Oaks. The podcast is transcribed on the website www.awaytogarden.com along with many photos and links giving more info about the topics discussed. 

Let’s Argue about Plants is an hour-long lively discussion, not really argument, about different plants. Fine Gardening magazine Executive Editor Danielle Sherry and Editor At Large Steve Aitken talk about plant possibilities for each week’s topic. Recent topics have been ‘Underappreciated Plants for Spring” and “Shrubs for Shade”. A video of the podcast, list and photos of all the plants discussed are on the Fine Gardening website. 

You Bet Your Garden is a PBS radio show hosted by Mike McGrath, the former Editor In Chief of Organic Gardening magazine. Each podcast has a call-in session along with a main topic, like “What to do about Squash Bugs” or other common gardening concerns. People call into the program from all over the country asking their particular gardening questions. Mike gives answers about how to take care of the problem with organic methods and materials. 

The Joe Gardener Show is hosted by Joe Lamp’l who is also the host of the PBS show Growing a Greener World. The podcasts share information about organic gardening and the world of gardens by interviewing expert gardeners, authors, researchers, scientists and others in the garden media world. A recent interview with Monty Don, Britain’s most famous garden tv show host, shared about the importance of gardens during Covid lockdowns. The website www.joegardener.com shares info about each podcast along with a listening link. 

Enjoy spending time in the garden this growing season, listening and learning.

Linda Wiggen Kraft is a landscape designer who creates holistic and organic gardens. She offers Creativity, Mandala and Nature Journey workshops. Join Linda on June 20 for an outdoor workshop “Nature Journey, Forest Bathing, Creativity & Connection”. More info at her website and blogt: www.CreativityForTheSoul.com Call her at 314 504-4266.