Capture The Magic

Little Redhead

By Abby Lapides

Photo Caption: Little Red Head Indian Pink, Spigelia

While working in my garden I was struck by the indescribable magic some plants possess. These plants enchant our flowerbeds, turning ordinary gardens into awe-inspiring sanctuaries. I would like to share these with you and hope you enjoy these wonders as much as I do. Read on to see a few of these beauties.

  • Petite Jenny Ragged Robin. A favorite of the Sugar Creek staff, ’Petite Jenny’ Ragged Robin, Lychnis, brings months of gorgeous pink, fluffy flowers. A charmer discovered in England, its exquisite rosy-pink blooms appear high above compact bushy clumps from spring into summer. Place it in your sunny spots where you need long blooming vibrant blossoms. It’s fantastic in pots, raised beds, cottage gardens, and perennial gardens. It’s attractive to butterflies. Deer resistant. Sun perennial.
  • Diamantina Clematis. Each flowers lasts up to 4 weeks! Considered by many as the best double blue flowering Clematis. A glamorous beauty, ’Diamantina’ adorns the garden with stunning double blue-purple flowers highlighted with soft pink that can measure a whopping 6″ across. A profusion of flowers appear in late spring and early summer, then again in mid summer till frost. Diamantina has many flowers on each stem and each flower lasts up to 4 weeks. This double Clematis far outperforms any other double currently available! It grows to a height of 7 feet. ‘Diamantina’ Clematis is ideal for small gardens and containers, and looks beautiful growing up small trees and trellises. It also can be used as a groundcover. ‘Diamantina’ blooms heavily even in part shade. Perennial vine.
  • Little Red Head Indian Pink, Spigelia. One of the best new perennial introductions, I believe ‘Little Red Head’ will become a time honored classic, belonging in every garden. Deep crimson flowers with yellow center appear in late spring and summer. Easy to grow in sun, shade, even dry shade under trees. Hummingbirds love it. Spigelia naturally grows under trees and looks lovely in shady woodland gardens. It’s fantastic in formal beds, cottage gardens, and naturalized. Indian Pink works great for a multitude of other landscape applications as well: sunny or shady perennial borders, as an easy care groundcover under trees, pollinator and native gardens… and the list goes on and on. Perennial.

See these plants, their images and growing instructions at sugarcreekgardens.com.