Three Million Dollar Kentucky Woman’s Case: Adrenal Burnout, Lyme, Seizures and More

Dr. Yu

By Simon Yu, MD 

Recently, I saw a 40-year-old patient from Kentucky with myriad symptoms too long to list, including Lyme, seizures, severe fatigue, neuropathy, migraine headache and chronic pain. She told me that she had been at a major medical institution in the Midwest for a month, and her insurance was billed about $3 million for medical evaluation without a definite diagnosis or the cause of her problems. The good news was that she was told she was not malingering, and she was not crazy with psychiatric problems. She only paid about $100 in co-pays. Her medical insurance covered the rest.

The $3 million woman suffered a stroke at 32 years old, and had since been diagnosed with asthma, autoimmune problems, bladder and cervical cancer, gallbladder and kidney problems, Lyme, mast-cell activation, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and more. Clearly, she was not healthy, and she had a lot going on. When chronic, complicated patients come to see me after extensive medical evaluations by academic institutions, they typically overlook hidden parasites/fungal/mycotoxins, EMF, and dental problems including amalgams, root canals, TMJ, gum infections, and dental parasites. I call these medical and dental (MAD) complex problems.

My initial acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) evaluation of my Kentucky patient showed 9 out of 40 meridians were out of balance. Her physical exam was normal. For more detailed explanation of AMA, I recommend reading my books, Accidental Cure and AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine, my recent article, “JEDI Project: Exponential Healing by MAD JEDI,” and related articles from www.preventionandhealing.com

Initial AMA Evaluation: 9 out of 40 Meridians Out of Balance

The green bar means normal range. The blue bar means too low: chronic degeneration, out of balance. A red bar means acute inflammation. The evaluation indicated her large intestine and allergy-immunology systems as primary problems. 

I then used a more advanced technique, stimulating five acupuncture points on her face and repeating the AMA evaluation to get more information. The first and second rounds of AMA were done less than ten minutes apart as a means of provoking deeper information on hidden problems. I have nicknamed this my “Enhanced Interrogation Technique.” 

My second evaluation revealed 22 out of 40 meridians were out of balance. These included dental (Ly), pancreas, liver, and gallbladder as the major “hidden” deeper layer of problems affecting her nervous system. I prescribed ivermectin, mebendazole, praziquantel, tinidazole and nystatin for multiple cycles, and referred her for dental work to be done later as she begins to recover and rebuild her immune system. Dental work is the most unpredictable part of recovery which I have no direct control.

Second AMA Evaluation with “Enhanced Interrogation” Technique:  22 out of 40 Meridians Out of Balance

There are no guarantees that she will be cured – I never promise anyone a cure – I educated her that she will go through a process of gradual healing and fine tuning in the “right sequence.” Dental problems are like a Death Trap to overcome. When she gets well, I may call it an “AcciDental Cure.”

Recovery from adrenal burnout and multiple systems dysfunction is analogous to tuning a fine musical instrument like a violin. It is a complex task which cannot be rushed and must be accomplished in orchestrated stages. The recovery process should include an understanding of the cause of underlying problems in order to eliminate continued burnout. Many people feel that recovery is not worth the effort and look for a quick fix with medication. This attitude assures their sabotage and failure, especially on the dental part of medical and dental (MAD) complex problems. This woman is motivated and she is committed to finding the answers for her $3 million dollars mysterious unsolved health problem. Dental is the big unknown. I plan to return to her case in a few months and write an update. Stay tuned.

— March 2021

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