Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Pandemic, Political Upheaval, Wacky Weather, Erratic Employment!


By Tom Braford

Ready for something completely different?

Join us in creating networks of Regenerative Ecovillages where you can live and work in cooperation with your neighbors and in harmony with Nature.

We are finding that many people want and need skill-building opportunities in the new green economy that can lead to family wage jobs and co-op business ownership, so we are building both physical and social community. 

As we create affordable housing and healthy food, we can get on a pathway to eco-prosperity with the right training. Everyone who participates in this synergistic process can receive something of value for their efforts. 

We are creating an EcoCorps pre-apprenticeship program, a green apprenticeship program and provisional employment, with lots of permaculture and eco-construction workshops. By participating now, you can earn credits toward housing and co-op business ownership in the long run and a CSA share or reduced workshop rates now. We are currently looking for a few qualified permaculture and eco-construction training supervisors.

We will create a legacy together that will literally bear fruit for years to come. The seasonal heat storage system we will install will take five years to fully charge, but then with minimal maintenance, it will power not just our businesses and homes, but also the seasonally enclosable courtyards around hanging garden superstructures with solar canopies above the site. 

The dwarf exotic tropical fruit trees will take five years to fully mature, and the first round of ecovillages will take years to fully build out, but the trees, shrubs and vines in these northern latitude, semitropical and Mediterranean oases will continue to bear fruit for years to come.

Imagine two crops of fresh figs a year in St. Louis, several varieties of apple trees, grapes climbing 50-foot high pillars from their basement moorings up to the solar canopy, bananas, mangoes, lemons, grapefruit. 

Imagine endless salad greens, orchids and roses galore and anything else that will grow in an environment where it never bakes or freezes. 

Imagine a rooftop garden you can escape to in July and February or whenever the weather gets wacky in St Louis.