Earthworms’ Castings: Kind Eyes

Jean Ponzi

By Jean Ponzi

Dear sister and brother humans, here’s how I see where we are now.

We’re nearing the point of One Full Year in the Big Time Out for all of our Homo sapiens species, all over our planet Earth. 

Yes, we’re seeing a way through. But let’s take a moment to review. How did we get here? 

Modus operandi for our kind has been the Rugged Individual stereotype. As if we humans and all our impacts are not totally interconnected with one another and every other kind of living being with whom we co-habit this planetary place. As if.

So: our archetypal Mother Nature put our toddler species into Big Time Out, the space a loving parent makes to let a child reflect and realign to Come Correct. Her message, carried by non-living bits of protein coated in fat, went viral. 

Like a caring, thoughtful parent, Nature doesn’t favor individuals. Ecology, the study of bio-relationships, shows us how Nature’s systems correct a situation out of whack. Like one species (ours) over-running all the rest. 

Not everyone is willing to take the Big Time Out. Frankly, sadly, not everyone can. Headlines trumpet the consequences of our wild and willful ways. We whine and rage about the Simple Rules of Respect and Care (keeping distance, covering faces, washing hands) that boost our odds of staying well, and helping others stay safe from horrendous peril.

We stamp our little feet and fuss. As a virus does its aerosol, impersonal thing. Not targeting individuals, but spewing Bulls-Eye to any open target. Ecologists call this Natural Selection. Bumper stickers say: S–t Happens.

This is how, through an Eco-Logical Eye, I view events of the past near-year. Not much comfort, but I hope this story makes some eco-sense of where we are. And here’s what I see that we can do.

Look with Kind Eyes.

Two respected sources (I looked this up), Shakespeare and the Book of Proverbs, wrote Eyes are Windows to Our Soul. As cleaning a yukky window can restore a clear view, can attending to the kind of view restore how “I” sees? 

Kind Eyes look with acceptance. Able to appreciate. To see beauty in diversity – difference! – in who, what, how. Not judging through habits of focus on other, less than, not deserving, not enough, the dim views some in our species are fighting to preserve. 

Kind Eyes are not blind to needs for Correction. 

Rather, Kind-Eyed action can apply our best energies where we’re best able to participate in Coming Correct. Stop squandering the strength of our focus on Blame.

Kind Eyes will see from Heart. Action from the field of a Kind-Eyed View is less susceptible to all the distortions and distractions yammering and hammering at us from our info-overloaded brains, from Mind (aka ego) thinking “I alone can run the show!” 

Can our species cede control from brain to Heart? A shift like this takes awareness, intention, practice. We have excellent, FUN tools! Breathing is a great companion focus for Kind Eyes. Movement too. Movement is as easy as walking, and every part of our bodies can dance. Breath lets us animals dance with plants!

Not everyone will make this move. A movement doesn’t need all, just a critical mass. I believe we’re coming clear in a critical mass of our (massive, burgeoning) humankind. Enough of us can reflect enough to Come Correct, to emerge as Homo respectus from The Big Time Out. 

We still have a bit of precious Time Out time. “I” can choose to see “Thou” with respect and appreciation, even with love. Kind Eyes can help us Keep Correct when Nature’s limits on our impacts ease.

Practice Kind-Eye seeing with a dog friend. S(he) will gladly help you improve on 2020 Vision. Feel you’re seeing Kindly clearly? Advance to practice with your cat. 

Jean Ponzi shares enviro-views through conversations on her Earthworms show, podcasting from St. Louis Independent Media at www.kdhx.org