What is Laser Therapy?

By Dr. Brian Harasha

The term laser therapy in this article refers to specialized lasers designed to enhance the body’s own healing processes. These are not the lasers utilized in surgery, hair or tattoo removal, Lasix, cosmetics, podiatry or dentistry. In those therapies, laser is used to cut, scale or remove tissue. 

Laser therapy is also not the same as ‘(red) light therapy’, ‘infrared therapy’, or ‘LED light therapy’. These therapies operate on similar principles but are hundreds, or even thousands, of times lower power than the Class IV Lasers we use. In addition, ‘cold laser’ refers to lower powered lasers. It is known that higher power yields higher dose and higher dose gives better results.

Laser Therapy Resolves Inflammation and Promotes Healing

One of the foremost organizations advancing the use of therapeutic lasers is the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT), comprised of researchers, doctors, laser manufacturers, and teachers. They have summarized the many beneficial effects of Laser Therapy as:

  • Improved circulation and oxygenation                        
  • Resolution of Inflammation
  • Pain reduction
  • Limits fibrous scar tissue formation
  • Accelerated tissue remodeling and repair

This means that if you are experiencing any of the following conditions you will benefit greatly from laser therapy: Low back and neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sprains and strains, broken bones, trigeminal neuralgia and tinnitus, neuropathy, rotator cuff syndrome, a torn labrum or meniscus, post-surgery pain and healing, wound healing, TMJ syndrome and even acute injuries like falls and automobile accidents. 

A laser therapy session lasts about 10 minutes, wherein the patient lies or sits comfortably. The practitioner holds the laser applicator close to or on the skin either in one spot or with slow movements. The laser is not hot – rather it gives off a relaxing warmth. A normal course of treatment involves 2-3 sessions per week for four to six weeks depending on the individual and the condition. Some people notice improvement immediately, while others notice the effects more gradually.

If you are suffering from any condition that involves swelling, inflammation, pain or tissue damage, you are a good candidate for laser therapy. Laser therapy can be classified as regenerative medicine and offers an exciting alternative to drugs or surgery. It is advised to find a Certified Laser Practitioner for best results.

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