This Is Our Last Print Issue For A While… Sign Up For Your Free Online Subscription

JB Lester

The Healthy Planet magazine will go online only beginning with our January 2021 edition. This decision came after realizing that the Covid 19 pandemic is surging and it has taken a toll on our magazine, our advertisers, our readers and our delivery crew. We think the responsible thing to do is to take our magazine off the streets for at least the first 3-6 months of 2021. Perhaps when Spring comes, and if a vaccine is available, things will turn around. If things get remarkably better and the positive cases of Covid-19 appear to be dwindling and the doctors and scientists say it’s safe, we will consider publishing our print version again. If not, we will continue online. The good news is, we already have a following online as thousands of people are reading our digital version. And we are now partnering with area health, wellness and environmental organizations to send out free monthly subscriptions for our online magazine. These email blasts along with our existing online audience should provide our advertisers and our writers with plenty of readership. We also acknowledge that since the pandemic has grown, more and more people have turned to online resources, so they can continue to read and learn from the safety of their homes or offices. We certainly expect our loyal readers to follow us online in the months to come if they have not already done so. Our readers will be able to continue to read their favorite articles from health care providers, green organizations and monthly columnists. Many of our print advertisers will be supporting us online offering our readers the resources they have become accustomed to. Being digital does have its advantages. Being online gives us the flexibility to offer more timely news as our web site can be updated anytime we like. However, we will continue with a mostly monthly formate to keep the continuity from our print magazine. There will be an opportunity for our advertisers to have live links from their web ads directly to their web sites or Facebook pages. They will also be able to have more live links to video presentations which readers will enjoy. And by going online only, The Healthy Planet magazine will almost completely reduce our carbon footprint. We already use recycled newsprint and an eco-friendly soy-based ink, but there is no doubt that online is the ultimate green method of publishing. The ability to be even a greener business feels good and we are always looking for ways to be a more sustainable business. With the distribution of these free monthly subscriptions, we expect more than 25,000 people will begin reading us online beginning in January, 2021. We are not sure what the future holds, but if everyone gets serious about wearing a face mask, staying away from crowds and washing hands, things might return to some semblance of normal in 2021. If you have not done so yet, you can sign up for your free monthly subscription to The Healthy Planet magazine by sending your email to: 


Whether it be in print or online, The Healthy Planet magazine will continue to bring you the healthy and green resources you have enjoyed for the past 24 years!

Have A Happy and Safe Holidays & New Year!
Wear Your Mask — Save Lives, J.B. Lester