Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Resolving Climate Change and Racism with Community Now!

By Tom Braford

My lived experience and research over my seventy-four years have had a lot to tell me about the most cost-effective way to get to net zero carbon emissions while solving lots of seemingly endemic challenges, like racism, along the way. 

That is why we are creating a network of Reconciliation and Regeneration Ecovillage communities and Green Business Parks. I invite you to join us in that endeavor.

I have been on this quest for over 40 years, starting with founding an experimental community, called Whole Wheat House in the Soulard neighborhood, along with a booth at the Soulard Farmers’ Market where we sold lots of things we needed that nobody else was selling there. We had a good 10-year run back in the 70s. 

At the time, it was sufficient for a dozen twenty-somethings looking for an affordable, socially satisfying lifestyle. I would not trade those 10 years for anything, but, given the challenges we face today, it wasn’t diverse enough, scientifically based enough, comprehensive enough or at the scale now needed.

I invite you to join us as we build a cadre of communitarians to create not one, but a whole network of scientifically designed, self-governed Reconciliation and Regeneration Ecovillages and Green Business Parks of the future that are net positive in carbon, food, renewably derived power, water, employment, transportation and social interaction. 

Our focus is on building resilient communities where everyone involved participates and creates a thriving space for themselves and everyone else. 

This is not a pipedream that would be nice to have someday. This is work boots on the ground soon, and butts in the chairs behind the computer screens and ears and voices on the cell phones now. 

The irony is that this may be the most significant social movement ever, but because of covid-19 the launch will be primarily virtual. We have gotten used to that and are becoming facile with it. What is at stake? Just civilization and the planet!  

The cavalry is not coming, a mermaid on a unicorn is not on the way. We are the ones we have been waiting for!