Publisher’s Corner

JB Lester

Give Thanks, Mask Up, Save Lives

November is a time of transition. We shift our seasons and by the time most of you read this, we will have shifted some of the power in our country, too. Most elections, like seasons, are about change. And for some, change couldn’t come soon enough. For others change is frightening and unnerving. But like someone once said, you can always count on change. So whomever our president is for the next four years, let’s try to find a way to heal. As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” Every election seems to divide us. Then most of us find a way to stay civil and agree to disagree. For others, it is a time to act out. Peaceful protest is part of our country’s legacy, but violent protest is nothing but criminal behavior. So let’s accept the choice of the people for now and find a way to coexist and be thankful that we live in a country that allows free and open elections. Voting is both a right and a privilege. Elections have consequences, so if you are reading this before November 3, make sure you vote.

November is also the beginning of the cold and flu season, and coupled with the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are headed for troubled waters. I am amazed at how political wearing a face mask has become. But I am also encouraged by how many more people are showing their patriotism by covering their mouth and nose in order to protect those around them. Doctors and scientists agree, that wearing a face mask can greatly decrease the amount of people who will catch this horrible virus. If 85% of us wear a mask, 95,000 lives can be saved going forward. I understand there is Covid Fatigue out there. People are tired of staying home and it is taking a psychological toll on many. So if you feel more depressed or anxious right now, you are not alone. There is always help for you by talking to your doctor or a mental health professional. I am sure that the families of soldiers who have gone to war also suffered and sacrificed during difficult times. And we are currently at war with this virus. Our face masks are our body armor. During WWII our country pulled together and had rubber and scrap metal drives to help build tanks, ships, planes and weapons. Americans were given rationing books for everything from gasoline to sugar. Now we are being asked to simply wear a face mask, wash our hands and stay away from crowds. It seems like a simple sacrifice in order to save tens of thousands of lives. At the time of this writing 225,000 Americans have lost their lives to Covid-19. Studies show that tens of thousands of lives can be saved if most of us wear face masks. And the virus doesn’t give a hoot about your political party, religion or favorite sports team. But we do know that it doesn’t like face masks and can’t hop from person to person if we are not next to each other in crowds. In this pandemic you are not only taking risks for yourself. You are risking the lives of your loved ones, many more vulnerable than you. If Americans could sacrifice for the lives of our soldiers during wars, then we can wear a face mask to save the lives of our fellow citizens and our family members. Sacrificing in a time of war is patriotic. During this war against Covid-19, wear your mask because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the patriotic thing to do. It’s a sign of strength. And give thanks that we live in a country whose citizens make sacrifices so we can all live free and safe.

Mask Up, Save Lives!
J.B. Lester