Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents:

Blessed Are The Peacemakers For They Shall Inherit the Earth!

By Tom Braford

To me, the word ‘bless’ or ‘blessed’ means richness, multi-dimensional thriving and satisfaction. 

When we bring peace to a chaotic situation of multidimensional suffering, when we bring wholeness to broken families, communities, cultures and a broken world and Earth, when we bring richness and thriving to our lives and those of others, we bring blessing. 

We are blessed in return with the satisfaction of a peace that passes all understanding. 

It turns out that when we feel hurt or wronged, the best revenge is not to hurt those we perceive as wrong, but simply to live well and create opportunities for others to do the same.

So, cling to those better angels when they visit you and don’t let them go until you know how you are meant to bless and be blessed in return. 

I have clung to my angel for decades now. I am blessed to know that my pathway to inner and outer peace is in creating networks of net positive ecovillages and green business parks. 

It turns out that this can encompass what a lot of other people are looking for right now as well. So, if your better angel is whispering in your ear right now, I invite you to come thrive with us!

We are getting ready to launch a whole network of urban, suburban and rural ecovillages and green business parts and are being discovered by our ecovillage co-builders and co-innovators. 

We are now looking for both participants and qualified trainers for the first class of EcoCorps. This is a three-month pre-apprenticeship training and development program.  Graduates may qualify for paid apprenticeship positions that could lead to co-op worker/owner opportunities in a variety of ecovillage related careers.

So, please contact us. Remember, better angels know best how we are to bless and be blessed!