Salty Spa: Your Destination For Optimal Health

By Irina Carlson

Salty Spa, located in West County, offers a multitude of natural treatments to help a person’s overall health. Salty Spa offers Halotherapy, Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt, Leg Compression Massage Therapy, Ionic Foot Detox, PEMF/PHOTON Healing Mat, LED Facial Mask and an Oxygen Bar.

Salty Spa is the first business in Ellisville to offer these holistic and alternative therapies, including halotherapy. Halotherapy originated more than 150 years ago in natural salt caves and mines. This type of salt therapy can be traced back to the Grecian Age when Hippocrates recommended salt inhalation as an effective treatment for respiratory conditions. In 1843, Polish physician, Dr. Felix Boczkowski, studied men that worked in the salt mines at Wielickza. He learned that these workers had fewer respiratory conditions than others. He traced back the health benefits to the inhalation of dry salt dust.

With today’s technology, we are able to produce these types of benefits in customized salt rooms. Salty Spa utilizes state of the art technology to reproduce the atmosphere of a salt cave with a monitored therapeutic climate control system, and a halogenerator. The halogenerator will break up pure medical grade sodium chloride and disperse the salt in the air. A person will breathe in the microscopic particles of the salt and enjoy the health benefits associated with halotherapy. Halotherapy will help with a person’s allergies, asthma, sinusitis, anxiety, COPD, and sleep. Salty Spa offers private rooms which can hold up to eight people at a time if needed.

The Oxygen Bar is equipped with Four Powerful Therapies: Oxygen Therapy, Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy (Light and colors) and Sound Therapy. The combination of these therapies are an absolute dream for your mind, body and health. Salty Spa utilizes the smallest, lightest and quietest Oxygen Concentrator on the market. The oxygen concentrator will deliver over 90% of pure oxygen and a whopping 5LPM ensuring the person will achieve the greatest results from the oxygen therapy. 

Salty Spa’s infrared sauna will fit up to four of your friends and family comfortably. The infrared sauna is much different than your traditional sauna which uses heat to warm the air. Salty Spa’s infrared sauna will maintain a temperature between 140 – 150 degree Fahrenheit, and will heat your body directly without warming the air around you. The low temperature will allow an individual to stay in in the sauna for longer periods while the heat is directed deep into the muscles and body for maximum effectiveness. We have the infrared sauna infused with 50 lbs of Himalayan Brick Salt for added health benefits.

Each day, toxins make their way into our bodies through the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Most of these toxins remain in the body for many years, and stored in fat cells. Lowering your toxin buildup will do wonders for your overall health. Our relaxing ionic foot bath is one way you can help detoxify your body. Just a few of the many benefits are: purging of heavy metals in the body, helps you obtain a balanced PH level, reduces inflammation, purges the body of yeast, detoxifies the liver, helps with an overall internal cleansing of the body, helps cleanse the kidneys, helps cleanse the body of parasites, enhances your immune system and more! 

With the current concerns with COVID, Salty Spa takes extraordinary steps to ensure the customer is safe and healthy during any session. Salty Spa will not allow more than ten people into the spa at any given time. There will be no stranger interaction and appointments are strongly encouraged. Each person/family will have their own private room during their own personal session. After each session, all rooms are completely disinfected including all chairs, equipment, knobs, and floors. The salt acts as an anti-bacterial agent so that helps with the cleaning process. Salty Spa has invested in GermGaurdian UV Technology and the systems are strategically placed throughout the spa to kill airborne germs and viruses. Masks and sanitizers are provided at the entrance, exit and during the treatments. There is no human contact with any of the treatments Salty Spa provides. We even offer a no-contact Leg Compression Massage which will allow the user to place their legs into a Normatech Leg Machine and start the massage by themselves. The Leg Compression Massage is amazing for blood flow, muscle recovery and sore joints. 

Salty Spa offers affordable packages with all our treatments. We want the therapy to be a warm and welcoming experience. We understand these are extremely stressful times, and all of our treatments help with stress, depression and anxiety. Salty Spa was created with a family’s health in mind, so we offer kids six and under FREE halotherapy treatments, and kids aged 7-12 a 50% discount with a paying adult. Salty Spa is open Tuesday thru Sunday.